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Want us to clean your carpets when your employees and customers aren't around? We can stop by after regular business hours or on the weekend. Simply contact our local cleaning company in Dallas, TX to set up a schedule that works for you.

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We provide carpet and hard-surface floor cleaning services in the Dallas, TX area

Vacuuming your floors may only remove loose dirt, not the debris that has settled deep within the carpet fibers or grout. When you want to deep clean your floors, hire Omniclean. We're a local cleaning company in Dallas, TX with a passion for improving homes and business facilities.

Our approach depends on the type of floors you have. However, we will generally...

  • Remove loose soil with a vacuum
  • Treat for stains and residue, using chemicals if needed
  • Deep clean floors with a wet vac or steam cleaning equipment

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You name it, we'll clean it

No need to hire multiple contractors to deep clean the different surfaces around your home or place of business. We can clean all kinds of...

Jute | Silk | Synthetic | Wool | Car seats | Couch cushions | Ottomans

Carpet | Carpet tiles

Hardwood | Vinyl | Vinyl tiles

Ceramic tile | Porcelain tile

We can also clean and polish natural stone surfaces. Reach out now to arrange for the cleaning services you need.