We Clean Rugs On-Site

We Clean Rugs On-Site

That's why we're a go-to for rug cleaning services in the Dallas, TX area

Some rug cleaning service providers will tell you that they must take your rug to their facility to clean it. That's not necessarily true. Omniclean has the equipment needed to clean rugs at your home or place of business in the Dallas, TX area.

Depending on what it's made of, deep cleaning your rug may require...

  • Vacuuming it, to remove loose soil
  • Soaking it in a detergent solution, to lift set-in stains
  • Extracting the dirty water, to make your old rug look brand-new

We take extra care with natural fibers like wool because they're more delicate than synthetic rugs. But regardless of the type of rug you have, you can trust us to clean it without causing damage.

Reach out today to take advantage of our on-site rug cleaning services.

An eco-friendly approach to upholstery cleaning

Rather than relying on truck-mounted equipment to provide upholstery cleaning services in the Dallas, TX area, we use portable devices that can connect to household plumbing and electrical systems. Not only do we conserve water and energy by doing this, we can also clean any upholstered surface in your home or vehicle easily.

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